About Revalute

Who We Are

Welcome to Revalute Media Group, we offer lots of different services such as getting your music into YouTube’s Content ID system, distributing your music to all major digital music stores, for example, Apple Music, Spotify and many more. We can help publish your music videos and other videos to help you reach a larger audience.

Content ID

Content ID is an automated system put in place by YouTube that the detects when your original content has been uploaded by someone else without your permission. Revalute can get your music into YouTube’s Content ID system for you, we rely on RouteNote Distribution to get your music into the Content ID system and YouTube Music. You may receive a content ID claim from RouteNote Distribution, this is the company that we use to power our content ID system. If you have any other questions regarding Content ID then please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form here.

Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution is when your music is released to all major stores like Apple Music, Spotify and many more. Revalute can release your music to digital stores with the help of RouteNote Distribution. When you submit an application to us and you are accepted, we will then send all of your song information off to RouteNote and they will get that released on behalf of us.

Music Videos

Do you have a music video that you would like uploaded to YouTube and have it reach a larger audience? The team at Revalute Media can sort that out for you and it won’t strip you of all your money! If you have any questions about this then feel free to contact us here. You will get your own official Revalute Media Group YouTube channel that all your music videos will be uploaded to. For example visit here to see what it will look like. When we create a channel for you, we will request all the nessary information to be uploaded to the channel for example, your Artist logo, a banner, and the video files. To learn more send us an email or submit a request here.

Things we own

Here at Revalute, we own a few things across the internet. Here is a list of the stuff that we own/have a share in

RJS06 – RJS06 is part of our list of talent, he uploads lot’s of different thing to his YouTube channel, such as Gaming videos, Music and much more